Tazeen Rehman 82613

side table $129

chairs (2) $700 or chairs (2) $592
(these look gray in the photo, but they are beige, so I think the contrast will be better in real life)

shelves (2) $140

floor lamp $288

mirror $229 (in between window)

pillow (2, patterned blue) $68

pillow (2, green solid) $68

pillow (4, green patterned) $176

side table $129

rug (7x11) $282

art $450
(over couch against wall)

tray $16

accessory $10

frame $15


I thought the layout of this room was so nice, especially since the windows, kitchen and fireplace are all in the same place as yours'. So, I imagined all the furniture in the same placement (and the Ikea shelves in place of the built-ins).

For your mantle, since you're mounting your tv, the sides will hopefully be more of a decorative and "pretty" focal point, I think the mantle should be simple. Maybe just a few modern tall candle sticks. For the coffee table, I chose the black tray, which I think you could place a couple magazines, add the puzzle figure accessory on top and call it a day! Or even add a set of coasters for your guests. Some ideas, if you're overwhelmed by all those open shelves; you can use old books, even if you doesn't like the spine of the book, you can turn them in, so the pages are showing (it will help keep the look clean and modern) and that way you can use tons of books. It's a great way to fill up lots of space and looks great! 
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