Kelly B. 72913

console $300 (for under tv)
throw $25 (on settee)
ottoman $320
sofa in dakota graphite $1,299
lamp $103
side table $150
red pillows (2) $68
side chair (2) $1,000
wallpaper $216 (for fireplace wall)
mirror $80 (for above fireplace)
vases $39, $34 & $29 (for mantle)
curtains (natural) $50
rug $372 $460


Allison R. Great Room 72213

*Fuchsia rug pictured represents your previously owned Weinrib rug.

I would keep your rug, sofa and beige chair in the room and in the placement you currently have. The beige tufted ottoman will replace the Maxwell chair and the grey ottoman. I would place it where the Maxwell chair is currently. I thought the tufted look of this ottoman helped balance the masculinity of the leather sofa as well as add some lightness to the space. The fuchsia and brown pillow would look nice on the beige chair and the teal and brown greek key pillows would look good on the sofa. Oh, and you could drape the blue throw over the new ottoman. I would hang the new painting above the sofa in between the two sconces. Use the two end tables on either end of the sofa with the two lamps as pictured.
lamp (2) $696
dog bed $190
brown pillow (2) $176
large painting (above sofa) $650 or large painting $275
ottoman $295
throw $130
custom valance fabric or this fabric and keep your current shades, as they seem to work well.

The etagere will go where you currently have the painting and ottoman. Your painting will go on the wall across from it, above the sitting area. The two chairs, blue lamp and yellow table will form the new sitting area. The metallic cowhide will go here as well. I couldn't decide between the poppy and leather chairs, veering towards the leather as they'll tie in with your sofa.
cowhide $395 (use code ESMA50)
etagere $1,688 or parsons bookcase $260 or bookcase (white) $479
teal pillows (2) $34
poppy chairs (2) $1,598 or leather chairs (2) $2,338

The mirror will look great on the long insert on the right wall. And I thought the two prints would look nice on the wall across from it. If you'd like wallpaper, I though this pattern would look fun and tie in the colors of the living area.
mirror $498
wallpaper $53 roll
print 1 16x20 $65
print 2 16x20 $65


Cara T. 71513

For the layout, I place the smaller sofa with it's back to the kitchen and the longer sofa against the windows. The round table can go in between them.
sofa (91" in dove gray velvet) $1,399
sofa (91" in dove gray velvet) $1,199
pillows (2) $105
fur pillows (2) $98
rug (code ESMA40) $425
drapes (2) $69
side table $399 or side table $78 (for in between love seat and couch)
lamp $100
lantern $232 or chandelier $116
mirror $129 (on the wall where your decals are now, next to the tv).
art $100

floor I would go with hardwoods to match the rest of the hardwood floors in your house. Otherwise I would go with a marble tile, like this one to match the marble counters. I would also recommend refinishing your cabinets in white.
marble countertops or white quartz (cheaper than marble, if marble isn't in the budget).

vanity $2,134
barn lights (2, one over each mirror) $160 
tub light (over tub) $99
rug $48
towels (2, white) $20
art (over tub) $129 


Jeanette H. Toddler Room 7113


bed $999
bed $249
bed $169 and trundle $100

duvet $55 and sham $19
duvet $19
duvet $69
duvet $69
duvet $150

rug 5x8 $226 (coupon code WSM20)
dresser $390
nightstand $130 (or this and this)
bookstand $120
lamp $168
sconces (2) $196 depending on how you lay the room out, if the bed is against the wall, I thought these would look great as a pair framing the map. If the bed is coming out from the wall, maybe just one directly over the bed as a reading light.

sheet set $130
basket $39 (or this, this and this)
map $29
paint farrow & balls skylight
(something to match to the lightest blue grayish tone in the rug)

curtain $49
mat $25
towels (2) $26
hooks (3) $42
knobs (8) $64
baskets (set of 2) $98 (optional - If there's room b/w toilet & sink console)
paint benjamin moore decorator's white

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