Leah Brown 9212

couch  $400

pillows $72

pouf $80

lamp $40

sconces (one in each window seat) $40 total 

two of these would work in place of a dresser lockers (2) $280
 or if you'd rather have a dresser $299

horizontal locker (white or red will work) for video game storage $99

locker baskets (one under each window seat)$60 total

wall shelf $65 (over bookshelf on the small wall in between the doors)

Gallery Wall
shark print (8x10)$22
deer print (12x16) $20
tae kwon doe print $11 (x-small size)
Arrow print $25 or this one $20
Chess print (16x12) $25

My thought was to paint the room the gray color, and either wallpaper the window nooks (just the outside and inside walls, not around the window) or paint them white.

(not included in total)

There are three wallpapers I like with the space, and you would need 2 rolls it looks like. With the rolls, it would put you about $100 - $200 over budget, so I left it out. But, I figured you could think about it, or maybe add if in the near future?
my personal favorite!
can be ordered over the phone from LucyRose Design

rug $300 (5x7)
would be a fun addition to the room

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