Jayne L. 22113

For the layout I'm envisioning keeping the couch as is, with the nutmeg chairs + bone table opposite it (in front of the big window). I think, like you mentioned a console is a good idea, especially to fill the space, but I don't think there is enough space behind the couch. I like the idea of it against the windows, behind the nutmeg chairs, and paired with that brass lamp and little dipped bowl. 

I think the Chihuly print would look neat over the mantle to give it some vertical height and accessorized minimally with the variety of white vases. In place of the Chihuly, over the chest hang the round mirror. 

I thought since you love the leather chair you could move that into the corner (where the loungy one is now). Take the faceted side table out of that corner and place it on one side of the couch. 

Replace the floor lamp, the one you own is just a bit too small for the space. Use the arched floor lamp on the opposite side of the couch from the faceted side table.

For the tv wall, I the mirrors work, but I do think they need to move in about 6" closer to the tv on each side. I like the idea of the animal bust cluster above the tv to fill in that space.

nutmeg chairs (2) $329

bone table $250

console $350

lamp base $50
shade $29

rug $349

side table $52

pillows (2) $39
pillows $20
pillows $24
pillows $24
pillow $33
pillow $45
pillow $40
pillow $30
pillow $35

arch lamp $250

deer $50
ram $50
gazelle $50

mirror $269

bead vase $34 (bead vase)
egg vase $10
vase $24 & $39 (small and large size)

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