Ashley Henke Living Room 0098

I really like the new "flipped" layout you have going on in the room now. I think you should remove the bookcases and in their place add a console table and painting. I've included a red lamp and a couple of accessories for the console table too. I've also added some storage baskets for under the console table for those pesky toys ;) 

The TV will be best mounted above the fireplace and your books can be stored in the built-ins. I've included a cute little blue accent lamp to put there as well. I was able to include the stool version of the red emeco chairs you wanted to order ;) And I've also added an adorable zebra tray for the coffee table. I think this room is going to be so fun and colorful now!

red stools (4) $350

blue velvet curtains 124" (2) $178

blue lamp for built in shelves $25
coffee table & accessories
red zebra tray for coffee table $24

console table & accessories
red lamp $68
baskets (all 3 sizes) $20
blue owl (large) $19
red and blue spotted tray for the console table $15

sofa & accessories
sectional $1999
red throw $19


approx. 6 yards per chair

sectional $1999

coffee table $229

stools (4 total) $644

2 rugs for entryway
For the entry, we thought it would look better to have a rug placed horizontally right when you walk in, and then a coordinating runner placed a little bit further down to fill the space in more. It seemed so bare with just that skinny runner in that wide entrance.
doorway rug 4'x 6' $72 
or this option 3'6" x 5'6"$183
runner for hallway $149

dining room chairs
side chairs (4 total) $720
or these tufted chairs (4 total) $724
host chairs (2 total) $321

*extra credit*
dining room rug options
I threw in a couple of dining room rug options, just because I saw a few that I thought would look great in the space. It's included in the total below, so it throws you slightly over your budget of $5,000, but the rug is optional, so you're technically still under budget ;)
ikat rug $324
instanbul rug $699


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