Nicole Ducato 2315


Velvet Curtains $86 (total for 2 panels)

Lamps $110 (total for 2)

Velvet side chairs ($1200 for 2) in gray velvet

Woven Gold Side Table $138 (for 2)
Or One Kings Lane has some amazing side table deals right now: Worlds Away

Rug (optional since you already have carpet, just adds some punch) 5x8 $250


Greek Key Pillows on chairs $40 (total for 2)

Canal Lumbar Pillow on couch $170

X Bench in off white twill fabric $360 (for 2)

Or if you'd rather have storage instead of seating you can nix the two x-benches and side table and add this instead:


Cabinet $399

Mirror $375 
2nd option $229
3rd option $210


Pillow $40

Dana Keane-Dawes 71812


bed options
tate bed $399 *my fave, but over budget


chair options
glider $95

dresser options

pendant options
globe pendant $198 (no longer available)

shelving $199

curtains (natural) $50


(not included in budget)


house pillow $62 (no longer available)

grey pouf $50

Here's a version of the design if I could have used the pricer options above (twice your budget) ;)

Anne Curry Office 71412

According to the measurements this layout should work! The sofa is a bit tight, but it fits. I had to move your desk over to the smaller window though, so no more watching the bike riders ;) I kept your paint color the same to keep it easy. And I think you should paint your shelf black to match the rest of your office furniture. Thanks for letting me go over the budget a bit. I wanted to make sure you had a quality sofa bed for your guests.


Art I $28

Art II $28

Maria Bergesio 7712

I wanted to give you the black tufted sofa that you mentioned wanting, but still keep the room light. So I think you should paint the room white to balance out the dark sofa & armoire. And I kept the drapes mostly white to pull the light in from the windows. I love the tables you already own, the ones pictured are just place holders ;) I thought your chairs would be a nice element to the room if you kept them unpainted and had them reupholstered in a nice white/creamy velvet. I also gave you a corner media cabinet that is white so it blends into the background. As for the gallery wall you mentioned. I thought it would be nice to keep it symmetrical and uniform, like the arrangement pictured. Of course the male figure sketches would be replaced with your photographs! lol. The pictured paint color is for your dining room. I definitely think you should get the parsons chairs, they're gorgeous. And the paint color will compliment them! I gave you the muted green color that you told me you liked as well as a brighter pop of teal to play off of it. I hope you like it!

TOTAL $2,300

Chandelier $367

Gold Frames for above sofa $16ea x 6 = $96

Teal throw pillows $25ea x 2 = $50

Passage Silk 84-inch Curtain Panel in teal $40.50ea x 4 = $162
or solid colored

or a non-white version

Teal Tray $22

Bellesol Mirrors (3 hung up behind entry door) $29ea x 3 = $87

Starburst Mirror (to hang above table) $54


Navy Option
Here is the alternative design (with out teal). I would paint the living room ivory to match the trim. And the navy paint color would look very dramatic in the dining room :) (That's a good thing!). The layout stays the same, because the corner is the only good place for the TV (so it doesn't get window reflections on it). Otherwise I was thinking it would look good on the wall with no window on it and have the sofa directly across from it and a chair on either side of the sofa.

TOTAL $2,096

Gold Frames for above sofa $16ea x 6 = $96

Navy throw pillows $18ea x 2 = $36

or a non-white version

Bellesol Mirrors (3 hung up behind entry door) $29ea x 3 = $87

Starburst Mirror (to hang above table) $54

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