Amanda Van Tuyle 91311

Okay so I used your wallpaper as the inspiration for the room :) And I thought it would be fun to use in the entryway to make a statement. That way you can use it without having to do the whole room, since it's $$$. I also added two chalkboard walls where the desks are for fun. The two yellow desks are good for doing homeschool projects, reader or art projects. I also included a round table and chairs near the window for group projects as well as a couple of rustic metal tall shelves for art supply storage or books. You have more storage in the media center/tv combo. I included baskets to hide away the not so pretty things and I though it would be fun to paint numbers on the baskets like the picture below.

As for the art table & chairs, I know that you said your daughter is only a year old :) So I included an alternative option in a smaller scale. And I thought it would be nice to recover your sofa in classic black ticking stripe. As for the color of the rest of the playroom. I would either stick to a basic white to make everything else pop. Or if you'd like a color, I would color match the blue in the wallpaper and paint it that. I wasn't sure if you needed a chandelier/pendant in the room, so I included a fun option just in case!

Wallpaper = $124/roll

Media Center = $940
Option 2 = $1600

Baskets = $30 x 8 = $240

Round Table = $180

Desks = $150 x 2 = $300

Desk Lamps = $80 x 2 = $160

Pendant = $295

Tall Shelves (near window) = $180 x 2 = $360
option 2 = $99ea
option 3 = $289ea

Gray Desk Chairs = $200 x 2 = $400

A couple of fun accessories....

Art Easel = $15

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